Wish Pearls Jewellery Sets

Wish Pearl Jewellery Sets

The Wish Pearl Jewellery set it very popular as it’s a unique gift for loved ones for any occasion.

What makes the Wish Pearl Jewellery Set so special:

Naturally Cultured: Grown in its own oyster, the Wish Pearl is a completely natural cultured oyster pearl that embodies a natural colour, energy, and beauty, giving the purest and most precious gemstones for life.

Make your Own:The Wish Pearl is perfect to make your own pearl pendant necklace jewellery set as each pack includes a combination of one 6mm- 8mm oyster pearl, one rhodium plated chain fine metal necklace, and one fine metal pendant.

Versatile: Each oyster in the Wish Pearl set contains one of the following shades: White (Positivity and Energy), Peach (Love and Romance), Cream (Happiness and Emotional Calm), Lavender (Health and Protection) and Gold (Faith and Self-Confidence).

Unique: The Wish Pearl is unique. The delicate growth process culminates in an oyster to transform into a pearl, maintaining its innate beauty, breathtaking lustre, and flawless colour. The Pearl comes in an unopened oyster shell, creating a mysterious experience because you never know what colour you are going to get, and each meaning becomes uniquely personal to you.

Token of Love: The Wish Pearl pendant necklace set is a wonderful choice for any occasion. Surprise your loved ones with the Wish Pearl pendant necklace set, as it is a perfect gift to express your love and show your affection for family members, loved ones, and that special someone.

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